I Ride Sideways. Ethically made clothes for stunt boarding.

We had humble beginnings, cutting stickers and screen printing tees in the garage back in 2009. Today we customise a full range of board riding apparel, offering different cuts of tees and hoodies, jackets, headwear, neck tubes, layering and luggage.


Snowboarding’s our passion. Our first love. Whenever we have a spare minute it’s what we’re doing or what we’re thinking about doing. Whether it’s with friends or a solo mission we don’t take it seriously, we just have fun. When we design products it’s with that in mind.


Some people don’t think about where their clothes come from. We do. And we care about it. That’s why we work in partnership with small, family businesses in Indonesia who cut and sew every I Ride Sideways garment. Our personal relationships with the people who make our clothes mean we know for sure that they’re paid more than a living wage for their work. This means that they can make better choices for their family, like making sure their kids have a good education and everyone stays healthy. So, when you buy from I Ride Sideways you’re supporting families just like yours, not making some rich guy richer.


The shocking amount of damage humans are doing to the earth is hard to stomach. We’re a small fish in a big sea but we believe everyone can make a difference. We’re proud to offer board bags made from upcycled rice sacks that would otherwise have gone to landfill, ended up in the ocean or been burned. We don't use plastic packaging, instead we use cardboard and 100% biodegradable garment bags and shipping satchels. Some of our products are made from sustainably sourced post-consumer plastic water bottles.  As we grow, we’ll continue to try to source materials, products and manufacturing processes that are kind to the earth. Because we’ve only got one.